Your Best Laser Level in 2020

Ever tried hanging up something, be it a shelf, a picture, or another thing? It can be annoying to say the least. No matter how straight you try to hang it, you end up with it looking lopsided. You can whip out a ruler or some measuring tape, but that’s quite limited, and you usually need an extra pair of hands, which not everyone has the privilege of.

That’s why you need a laser leveling accessory. These devices go on a tripod and can cast a self-leveling laser up to 30 feet or possibly longer. However, when you look up a laser level, you may wonder which is the best. This article can help you out.

First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Laser Levels

We searched for laser levels that have received at least four stars on Amazon, and we looked at a variety of laser levels. These tools are quite similar, but some of them may have a gimmick that makes them interesting. For example, some use green lasers, or come with bells and whistles that make them better, such as a smart pendulum system, horizontal and vertical lasers, and other factors.

#1: Tavool Laser (Best Value – All-Purpose)

If you need a laser leveller that is the perfect balance between value and quality, you’d be a fool not to try Tavool. This self-leveling laser has three in one. It can go horizontal, vertical, and cross line to give you the best leveling possible.

Another reason why you should pick this laser level is that it’s self-leveling to give you the evenest surface possible. As long as the surface is within four degrees, you should be good. In order to make the laser levels easier, the Tavool also has a lock and unlock mode. When you’re using horizontal, vertical, or cross-line, the laser level can lock into position to make everything easier.

Another reason why you may pick this laser level is that it’s portable. You can easily pack it with you, making it great for a traveling construction worker or when you need to use the laser level for multiple areas of your house.

It does use AA batteries, but the battery life is quite good. It’s easy to use, great for most people, and it’s highly rated.

What about the reviews? This self-leveling laser has gotten a good score on Amazon, with 4.8 out of 5 as of this post. Many people say it’s a nifty laser level for the price, with its variety of horizontal and vertical lines, along with cross line capabilities, being great.

There were some negative reviews, mostly concerning the laser not being bright, or that the unit being hard to level without a tripod, but those were in the minority. Overall, if you want a laser level that is medium-budget and good for all uses, we say to give this a try.

#2: Dewalt Line Laser (Best Machine)

If you’re looking for the best laser level for heavy-duty jobs, you really can’t go wrong with the Dewalt line of laser levels. While they are pricey, they are worth the amount of money if you’re someone who needs a good laser level.

For one thing, its laser beam is the brightest around. A bright laser beam is important, especially if your eyes are bad or you’re working in an area where the beam would be hard to see, such as a sunny area. You can choose between a red laser or green, giving you even more of a choice.

Another reason why you may choose this laser level over the others is that it’s built to last. If you have a job that requires you to use it, then you need the best of the best. The cheaper laser levels are good for the occasional job, but may not last for too long.

Another feature is that it’s easy to use. This laser level uses one button to control it. Once you do, you have 30 feet to work with. While the laser level does require AA batteries, it lasts a long time. You can expect up to 30 hours of battery life on four AA batteries. Get some rechargeable AA batteries and you should be good to go.

It also has a magnetic bracket, helping it to stick to metal surfaces. The magnetic bracket is built-in, so stick it on any metal surfaces and you should be good to go.

Reviews of this laser level have been almost all positive, with most saying it’s the most accurate, most precise unit that money can buy. The vertical, horizontal, and other lasers are bright and get the job done. Some criticisms include that the laser is easy to drop, or that it lacks a smart pendulum system. A smart pendulum system allows for easier transport, so it’s a little weird it’s not included. However, if a smart pendulum system is not something you’re looking for, we say that this laser level is worth it

#3: Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level  (Best Green Laser)

This laser level uses green lasers instead of a red laser, which adds a cool little twist, and it has a variety of bells and whistles that make it the best laser level if you have a little extra money to burn.

One feature is that its 360-degree horizontal laser has two plumb dots. This allows you to be able to work with your ceiling, plumbing, leveling, and other needs that a traditional laser level may not help you with. It has five different modes: horizontal, vertical, horizontal and vertical, plumb points, and all beams on.

So we mentioned the green laser. This isn’t just an aesthetic choice, but it’s brighter than a traditional red beam. It’s quite powerful and can go over 30 feet, making it quite powerful. With its pulse mode, the laser range can go well over 100 feet and up to 180.

It also has two modes. The first is self-leveling, and when that is locked, it goes to manual mode. Manual mode allows you to go at another angle and makes it easier to lock lines.

Besides that, it’s durable. With a laser level, you do have to worry about water and dust. This laser level prevents water and dust from getting in. Not only that, but this self-leveling laser level uses a rechargeable battery. This means you don’t have to use AA batteries, which is quite nice.

#4: Black+Decker Laser Level (Best Low Cost)

If you need a laser level for something simple, like hanging up the occasional picture, then you shouldn’t have to pay much. This is a good laser level when you just need something that shoots a laser beam and is easy to use. The Black and Decker laser leveler, despite its price, does have quite a few features for the price. For one thing, it can shoot a laser at any angle, including vertical and horizontal. For another, this laser level only needs two AA batteries to work. IT comes with some other accessories, including a wall hanger to make it easy to use when you don’t have a tripod.

Besides that, this laser level does have a two-year warranty, giving you some peace of mind when you purchase.

So, what do the reviews of this laser level have to say? Reviews have been mostly positive, but since it’s a cheaper unit, there are more complaints this time around. Many reviewers say that it’s a good laser level for the price, being easy to use and delivering horizontal and vertical lines without any problem.

There have been some criticisms. Being a cheaper laser level, more reviewers seemed to have gotten duds in the mail. Some reviewers have pointed out that there is a nail at the bottom that you can’t remove This makes it easy to damage your walls if you’re not careful. However, one review said the nail is a magnetic bracket and it tucked away. This could be a newer model of the laser level.

#5: Qooltech Multipurpose (Best Laser Level that’s Multipurpose )

We all know of the Swiss army knife, the all-in-one tool that is convenient when you’re in a pinch. This laser level is sort of like that. It comes with measuring tape built in that goes up to 8 feet, and the measurer does come with imperial and metric measurements. Besides the laser, it also includes a leveling bubble, allowing you to see if a surface is vertical, horizontal, or neither.

The Qooltech is good if you have a job that requires all three of these things. Being a multi-tool, you are not getting the best each tool has to offer. Reviews of this laser level have been positive, with many people saying that it’s a nifty little tool. However, this laser level has some criticisms. It’s not self-leveling and some people found that the line lasers were not straight.

This is more recommended for the casual homeowner, especially one who is in a pinch, as we said. It’s quite cheap as well.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

If you’re looking for not the best laser level, but one that can get you by, this selection is for you. Let’s look at the best laser levels for under a certain amount.

#1 Best Under $11: Lifetime Tools 3D Laser Level

This is one of those eBay orders that comes straight from China, but it does self-level, has vertical and horizontal line lasers, and looks small.

However, coming from China, do not expect shipping to deliver your product anytime soon. However, if you need a cheap laser level with decent accuracy, try this one out.

#2 Best Under $10: Multipurpose Laser Level

This is similar to #5 on our main list, but it’s even cheaper. These laser levels are never that good if you need the most accuracy, but if you’re in a pinch, they can still be good for casual use, or if you need a backup line laser. At the price, it’s worth it at least to own, and it can make a good gift for a family member, too.

#3 Best Under $9: Wish Laser Pointer

If you’re looking for a true cheapie, then you can always rely on Wish. The quality of the products aren’t the best, and the shipping can take a while, but this isn’t the list for the best laser level, now is it? It does claim to have all of the features you’re looking for, from a vertical and horizontal line to self-leveling. We say to try it out and see if it works for you.

# 4 Best Under $7: Another eBay Laser Pointer

And finally, we have this one. It follows the same beats, with it offering the bare minimum. It has vertical and horizontal lines, and that’s about it. Shipping is free, but as usual, expect to wait a long time. You can find many of these cheap pointers on eBay, and while we can’t attest to the quality, if you need a level tool for not much money, it may be worth trying.

Buying Decision: Is a Laser Level Even Worth it?

In almost all cases, yes. A cheap laser level is worth it if you’re hanging pictures or doing other casual DIY projects. Meanwhile, a more expensive laser level works well if you’re doing more construction work or more advanced DIY projects. If you’re doing any of these things, there’s no reason for you not to get a laser level.

Which is better? A Red or Green Laser Level?

They both of their pros and cons. Green laser levels tend to be brighter, but they use a lot more energy. A red laser level is usually bright enough, but this can depend on the user’s eyes. We say to try both out and see what your preference is.

Which is the Brightest Laser Level?

The brightest laser levels come from the Dewalt brand. Dewalt laser levels are quite expensive, but if you the best laser level for heavy-duty use other than hanging pictures, we say it’s worth the money. The Dewalt lineup makes it easy. Of course, you don’t need the brightest, but instead, you need something you can see.

Could You Explain Some of the Laser Level Terms?

When you look at a laser level, you may notice a variety of jargon. If you’re new to it, it can be a little confusing. Before you purchase any of the best laser levels, you should probably know the terminology. Let’s explain some of them

  • Accuracy. This is a term that makes sense at first, as you want to have the most accurate measurements as possible. However, you may see terms like “+- 1/8 of an inch per 100.” This means that per 100 inches, the laser may tilt slightly. In this case, it may go an 8 of an inch in either direction. A more advanced line laser will be as accurate as possible, while the cheapies may have more room for error in accuracy. In life, you can never do things with 100 percent accuracy, but a good level tool will be so accurate that it will be invisible to the naked eye.
  • Battery Life. This is how long the battery will last when you turn it on. Battery life can depend on what type of battery is uses and how many it is. For example, you may see a cross line laser with 3 AA batteries and one with four. The one with 3 AA batteries may not last as long. However, this depends.
  • Bubble Level. Also known as a spirit level, this is what helps the level tool figure out what is horizontal and what is vertical.
  • Calibration. This is another term relating to how accurate the laser is. For calibration, it means the line laser will adjust its accuracy according to how it was set b the factory. There may be manual calibration as well, as some people may need a line laser/laser level that needs this.
  • Degrees. This is the direction that the level tool can shoot lasers. Some of them have 360 degrees, while others are more limited. In the context of a level tool, degrees may also refer to accuracy. For example, you may see something that says “+- 4 degrees.” This means the laser could be off by that in accuracy.
  • Feet. This is how far the laser can go. You may see a line laser that has 30 feet, and others that have 50 feet. Others may go up to 100 feet. Which one you choose can depend on the project. Obviously, the more feet the merrier, but at the same time, you may not need it.
  • IP Class. In the context of a line laser/laser level, the IP class tells how resistant it is towards water and dust. These two elements can ruin your machine, and you may want a laser level or line laser that is good against both. If you’re someone who has slippery fingers, an IP 67 protects you against dust and water entirely. Lesser levels, like 54, will make the laser level a little resistant.
  • Laser. So, what is a laser, anyway? First, did you know that laser is an acronym? While we don’t call it a LASER, it does stand for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This describes what a laser is quite well. Basically, it’s a light created by radiation. The term “radiation” sounds scary, but many devices use some form of radiation. It’s usually a case of the dose.
  • Laser Class. This is how powerful the laser is. The higher the class, the more powerful the laser is, and the more dangerous. Most laser level machines will be class 2, which means that it’s low power, but visible. Class 2 is invisible lasers. Class IV lasers are the most powerful, and you should not look at them without protection. You could go blind. With that said, follow all safety instructions, even with a class 2.
  • Laser Detector. This is better known as a radar detector. It does not refer to a laser level. Rather, it’s a device that can detect a radar. Usually, this is used while you’re driving to detect a police radar or something similar.
  • Laser Level. This is a tool used to create a laser that’s used to make a straight line. For example, if you’re trying to hang a picture frame, you may need it to be as accurate as possible. A laser level allows you to hang it up in the straightest line you possibly can. It’s also used for other jobs as well.
  • Laser Pointer. This is a small tool that makes a laser. It is not used to measure, but rather to point to something. Usually, it’s used as a cat toy, as cats love chasing a dot.
  • Magnetic base. This means that you can mount the laser level on metal surfaces. Some of them have a mounter, allowing you to put the magnetic base on a tripod or something similar. A good magnetic base can keep your laser level sturdy as you try to get the most accurate reading.
  • Rotary Laser. This is a type of laser level that uses a single point diode. What this means is that you have a good range. It can go well over 100 feet. However, the term rotary laser gives emphasis on rotating. In other words, the rotary laser will rotate so that it’s only on the target for a little bit. A rotary laser is also more accurate. However, a cross line laser is what is best for interior home improvement, so consider that. When it comes to cross line vs rotary laser, the cross line usually wins.
  • Self-Leveling. Self-leveling is a term you will see a lot in the line laser/laser level world. This is also known as auto-leveling. Generally, a self-leveling laser means that it will adjust to being at the correct level automatically using motors inside it. It’s quite cool, and something any good laser level needs.
  • Tripod. This is what you may want to put your laser level on if you want to reach a certain area with accuracy and stability. You may have to use a mounting bracket for the level to fit. A tripod is commonly associated with a camera, but it can be used for other machines, including a self-leveling cross line laser.
  • Visible Range. This is similar to feet, with it telling you how long the laser level tool will create a beam that you can see. If it says 100 feet, you can see about that distance. The same applies to 50 feet as well.

Verdict: Your Best Laser Level

Whew. We have lasered in one the best laser level, and now we’ll summarize the laser levels again.

If you want the most well-rounded laser level, the Tavool is good for you. It offers a variety of features for a reasonable price.

For those who are looking for a professional pointer, the Dewalt Line Pointer will satisfy. This line laser is the most advanced, but people who are only going to use a laser level for casual jobs may want to buy something a little cheaper. Plus, it has some amazing battery life.

The Huepar Self-Level laser is the best if you’re looking to go green. Not only does it have a rechargeable battery with a decent battery life, but this laser level also has a bright laser beam that makes it easy to see everything.

The Black+Decker is a good line laser if you’re looking for a laser level that’s cheap. It has the most basic features, and it’s not the best rated, but it’s affordable and does come from a brand that you can trust. If you don’t want something you can trust, just go with the cheap laser levels.

Finally, we have the Qooltech Multipurpose. It has measuring tape and bubble features. While these types of multipurpose laser levels aren’t the most professional, it is a good line laser if you’re looking for something cheap and something that will help you should you need it.

And there you have it. These are the best laser levels money can buy. Who knew that a laser level could be so complex? We hope you found the right laser level for the job. Look at the list of laser levels and see which one is the best for you.

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